AL-1775-3DB – 2-way 3000ft Deluxe Security & Remote Start w/ BLADE Technology

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NEW!! The AL-1775-3DB includes BLADE technology which incorporates a docking port on the system module where a cartridge for vehicle... read more
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NEW!! The AL-1775-3DB includes BLADE technology which incorporates a docking port on the system module where a cartridge for vehicle integration is inserted. This offers the most advanced integration with vehicle communication networks known as a “data bus”. This can save a tremendous amount of installation time and creates a much cleaner and less intrusive wiring job. We recommend the OL-BLADE-AL64 for the best performance and most features.


  • 2-way LED 5-button controller included – up to 3000 ft of range!
  • 4 button 1-way transmitter included
  • Multi-vehicle capability (2-way only)
  • Low temp auto start (select 0F, 15F, or 32F threshold)
  • High temp auto start (select 75F, 90F, 105F, 120F threshold)
  • Low voltage auto start
  • BLADE cartridge compatible for the best in vehicle integration
  • Run time extender
  • “1-minute left” run time expiration warning (2-way only)
  • Remote start timer (each led flashing represents 25% of runtime remaining)
  • Stick shift compatible remote start
  • Turbo timer
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all components
  • Up to 4 aux outputs
  • Includes dual zone impact sensor
  • Coded override (99 possible combinations)
  • Dedicated horn honk output with “human panic” random trigger pattern
  • Locks when triggered
  • Simultaneous horn honk and siren alert
  • ATV / Unauthorized Transmitter Alert – tells you when someone has programmed remotes and how many!
  • Powermaze technology only routes backup battery power to mission-critical security features. Can protect your car for hours on a standard 9 volt!
  • Backup battery bracket included (uses standard 9 volt but you can wire in a larger battery as desired)
  • Starter Interrupt relay included
  • Mini multi-tone siren included

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2.7 lbs
7 × 5 × 5 in

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  • (verified owner)

    Michael Pinkston (verified owner)

    Like it so far, but only had it for a few days. The documentation could be clearer.

  • (verified owner)

    SAMBATH K. (verified owner)

    Great system…good tech support.

  • (verified owner)

    KLEBER (verified owner)

    very useful

  • (verified owner)

    Clayton Drake (verified owner)

    Exact fit for my old harness.

  • (verified owner)

    Daniel G. (verified owner)


  • (verified owner)

    Steven H. (verified owner)

    great deal, and included wire instruction for a reasonable price

  • (verified owner)

    Stanley B. (verified owner)

    Great to deal with and they know what they are doing.

  • (verified owner)

    William Crosby (verified owner)

    Awesome system with great custom options

  • (verified owner)

    Austin K. (verified owner)

    Very happy with this alarm. Easy to install by the book and easy to setup. I paid extra for the custom wiring diagram and it was extremely helpful! I spoke to Mike via the chat feature on here and he was very helpful in letting me know how this system would work with my 1974 Chevrolet van, great guy!


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