Security Accessories


The best security accessories in the industry! Most are simple plug-in-play vehicle security power houses.

Digital tilt sensors offer you state of the art wheel & tire protection. No matter how your car is parked, it can detect your vehicle being jacked up before your tires ever leave the ground. They are equipped with 3-axis (that’s full 3D) accelerometers. They can even detect lateral motion like wheels rolling.

A proximity sensor is all you convertible and soft top fans need. It projects a 2 layered sphere of protection. The outer is your exterior zone that you set to give any curious walkers-by a warning. The inner is the ultimate defense and will trigger your alarm the instant it’s invisible threshold is crossed.

Dual zone shocks are the heart of any sensor equipped security system. They detect all kinds of impacts  from all corners of the vehicle. Vibrations are detected through the vehicle’s frame & body and offer precision control over each zone’s sensitivity.

Glass breakage sensors add a specially tuned microphone that is designed to only detect the specific frequency of breaking glass. You can easily adjust the sensitivity to your liking. TIP: To test, don’t break your glass! haha. We like to lightly slap a key ring with several keys against the glass. This emulates the sound and allows you to adjust without damaging your vehicles.

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