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Our custom install guide is unparalleled and not offered by any other company in the business. You will receive your... read more


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Our custom install guide is unparalleled and not offered by any other company in the business. You will receive your guide by email within 2 business days of purchasing. It is sent in full color PDF format. Be sure you have acrobat reader installed on your computer.

Most remote start systems have between 30-40 wires/circuits designed to accommodate most combinations of circuits in any vehicle. Due to the multitude of possibilities for any given circuit in any given car, this is necessary. However, most vehicles only will use an average of 12-14 of these wire connections. Some as few as 6! For every install, there are vehicle requirements to start successfully, system requirements to operate properly (and safely), and configuration requirements.


  • We will create a custom install solution that marries your system wiring, vehicle wiring, and bypass module wiring into one comprehensive guide.
  • Created by SAE & MECP certified technicians with 20+ yrs of installation experience.
  • Only the relevant wiring is listed for YOUR specific install, offering you a clear understanding of only what’s needed.
  • A custom wiring chart is created listing the system wire color & function, and the mating vehicle wire color, function, and detailed location information.
  • For most vehicles, we will include wire location images to help you quickly locate needed wiring. This, however, is not guaranteed and only provided when available to us.
  • Any required programming of system features and vehicle learning is included to match your vehicle requirements.
  • We will contact you with any product recommendations that may help to simplify your installation and ensure success.
  • This guide is for 1 system on 1 vehicle with standard operation.
  • 24hr VIP email support.

Considerations / Requirements

  • MOST OF OUR VEHICLE INFORMATION IS BASED ON USA VEHICLES ONLY. We do not have information for NON-USA vehicles. If you are located overseas, please enter the vehicle information for a USA equivalent vehicle. We will not cross reference overseas models.
  • A quality digital multimeter or computer safe test light is required. Despite our best attempts to provide 100% accurate information, sometimes, individual vehicles can vary due to production line repairs, etc. This is rare but does occur. So, all connections must be verified for proper operation before making any connections.
  • YOU are assuming liability for making connections in your vehicle. If you make an incorrect connection, you are liable for any damage to your vehicle.
  • Scotch locks are very unreliable devices and the source of most problems. T-taps are not much better. Direct wire splices are STRONGLY recommended, especially on data wires and power/ground wires. You must eliminate any scotch locks or t-taps before contacting us for installation help.
  • Your custom guide will cover the standard operations of the system you have. “Extra” features such as window control, heated seats activation, rear window defrost, gas door pop, etc. are not included unless already part of the standard install and do not require extra wiring.
  • Functions & features covered by your custom install guide:
    • Remote start w/ climate control powered for heating/cooling the cabin interior. Climate control settings are usually “last used” but this varies by vehicle.
    • Door lock & unlock control from the system.
    • Trunk/hatch release (when supported by vehicle).
    • Parking light flash
    • Horn honk
    • Entry point detection circuits for security (door trigger, hood trigger, trunk/hatch trigger when applicable).

NOTE: Some added parts may be needed such as relays, diodes, resistors. We will contact you about this as we discover it. This may delay the creation of your guide while we await your reply.

If you have questions, please CONTACT US before purchasing. Thanks!



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