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Linkr-LT Smartphone Control For Excalibur & OmegaLink Remote Start Systems. Also compatible with Compustar, DEI, ADS, Fortin, and more! First year of service free! read more
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$199.95 $119.95


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$199.95 $119.95

13 reviews


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USA Smartphone Interface w/ Vehicle Tracking (1st Year Free!)

Compatible with Android & iPhone
IMPORTANT: Must use Excalibur 70 Series v1.4 or OmegaLink remote start for full compatiblity. CONTACT US for info on other system compatibility.

– Uses the T-Mobile & AT&T 4G network for maximum coverage across the USA & Puerto Rico.
– Lock your doors:
~ Ever left your car wondering if you locked the doors?
~ Receive confirmation for all commands.

– Unlock your doors:
~ Ever lost your keys or lock them in your car?
~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.

– Pop your trunk:
~ Access your trunk/hatch with just a tap of the screen.
~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.

– Remote start your engine:
~ START AND STOP your engine from virtually anywhere!
~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.
~ ENGINE RUNTIME displayed right in your app.
~ Runtime extender restarts your runtime if you’re not ready to leave yet!
~ An optional remote start system is required for this feature.

– Locate your vehicle*:
~ Find your vehicle location if it’s stolen!
~ Find your vehicle in a large parking lot
~ Standard map and satellite views 

– Aux Control:
~ Extra outputs available for features like sliding doors or power hatch control (limited by system & vehicle capabilities)

– Receive real-time confirmations for all control functions.
– Receive real-time alerts:
~ Be notified when your alarm triggers (requires optional alarm system).

– Compatible with all Excalibur 70 series remote starts (requires v1.4 FW or higher) and all OmegaLink plug-in data start systems.
– Multiple Vehicle Support:
~ Just add vehicles equipped with Linkr-LT1 to your app.
~ Customize the names of your vehicles.

    ~ Supports a virtually unlimited number of vehicles!
    ~ Simply toggle between vehicles within the app.

– Unlimited use!
– The 1st year is included in the price. $39.95 for the second year!


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0.75 lbs
6 × 4 × 2 in

Reviews (13)

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  • (verified owner)

    Peter (verified owner)

    Very good product.

  • (verified owner)

    Matthew (verified owner)

    Best part of the whole package. Can lock, unlock and start my truck from anywhere I have cell phone service.

  • (verified owner)

    rican4rmct (verified owner)

    nice easy simple install virtually plug and play set up time 15 minuts or less

  • (verified owner)

    Steven H. (verified owner)

    fast shipper

  • (verified owner)

    Philip (verified owner)

    Great App

  • (verified owner)

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this accessory! No need to carry extra remote when too far away for factory remote to work. Who doesn’t always have their phone with them anyway?! Super easy install and setup!

  • (verified owner)

    Stanley B. (verified owner)

    This works great

  • (verified owner)

    Mark Miller (verified owner)

    Great it was like Superman delivered it!

  • (verified owner)

    Gabe Savarese (verified owner)

    Thing works great. Setup was easy. Works like a charm with the OL-RS-CH5. Job well done.

  • (verified owner)

    Jeremiah Brooks (verified owner)

    Very nice add on, Please, Please read or watch the video before install. You dont want to pick the wrong mode for this part.

    Uploaded video(s):

  • (verified owner)

    Austin K. (verified owner)

    Very easy to set up, the app interface is kind of basic, it would be neat if it had a few more features but I’m able to lock/unlock my vehicle without a key fob which is really nice. The GPS location feature works in places I didn’t think it would which is very nice! Way cheaper than a LoJack system!

  • (verified owner)

    Jerry (verified owner)

    Totally awesome. I can do everything my remote does with this app and I can locate my vehicle anywhere in the US. The app can even open my tailgate like my OEM remote. Now that is awesome! That function did require some extra work, but Mike can help you with what is needed.

  • (verified owner)

    David R. (verified owner)

    Very Happy with everything. Works great at first the BA was missing a program in orrder for the proximity sensor to work but I call the guy on Custumer send me a near location and had The BA program at no charge also answer every question I had took his time to guide me trough the steps when I had questions. Real professional. Thanks.