Plug-in Jeep Remote Start kit with maxed out security for JK Wranglers

KICKYRIDE.COM has partnered with one of the best DIY’ers in the JK world, CPO, from Overclock3d jeeps! If you don’t know CPO’s channel yet, get over there. He’s got a great library of realistic how-to videos for all kinds of awesome JK upgrades. When he settled on an Excalibur system to protect his build, the guys over at Omega (owners of Excalibur) sent him to us to help put his kit together.

The centerpiece of the install is the OL-HRN-RS-CH5 t-harness from Omega. The main benefit of these harnesses is that they work with ANY Excalibur remote start. They provide all primary ignition switch, immobilizer bypass, and CAN bus data connections for you. That means all the hard-to-work-with wires are taken care of. All you have to do is plug in the harness, connect power, ground, and the brake pedal switch. That’s all the vehicle connections you need for remote start, keyless entry, and basic alarm functions! You can then add additional features like horn honk, flashing lights, sensors, etc. as desired. Even upgrade to smartphone control or add sensors.

CPO chose the AL-1775-3DB because it’s all about business.

Here are some key features:

  • 3000 ft range
  • LED 2-way controller (much more rugged than its LCD counter parts)
  • low volt/temp auto start
  • Request cabin temp from the controller
  • Run time extender from the controller
  • Run time expiration warning (patented by Omega)
  • The 2-way controller can operate up to 2 vehicles.
  • Lifetime warranty on ALL components (while most companies only give lifetime warranty on the main module)
  • Fully configurable for just about any functionality you could want.

Most importantly (especially to DIY’ers), we’ve prepared a full step by step install guide to easily this system with ANY JK. Furthermore, it supports automatic AND manual transmissions. And, we will flash the system and module firmware before shipping to you as well as configure any needed features to accommodate your vehicle. NO ONE ELSE will ensure your installation success like we will and we give you full technical support w/ after hours on call support when needed. Ultimately, it’s the most comprehensive install guide we’ve ever put together so we’re pretty sure you’ll like it….. a lot!

Check CPO’s thorough video series that highlights a lot of the awesome and unique features of these Excalibur systems.


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