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Web-programmable, standalone remote start solution for GM ‘SWC’ full-size models 2006 and up. Supports remote start from factory transmitter by... read more
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Web-programmable, standalone remote start solution for GM ‘SWC’ full-size models 2006 and up. Supports remote start from factory transmitter by pressing 3 X LOCK. Includes custom t-harness for ‘plug & play’ installation. Can be paired with compatible range extender kit sold separately.

– Compatible with Excalibur RF range extender kits
– Compatible with Linkr-LT smartphone interface

Please contact us at 706-395-5425 or regarding your particular vehicle application. Some vehicles have unique installation requirements.

NOTE: These kits require an extra 24-48 hrs before shipping as each one is manually configured for YOUR installation. This is an important step. We will need to know the year, make, & model of your vehicle so we can flash the correct firmware to the module.

Click here to see vehicle compatibility.

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2 lbs
3 × 3 × 12 in

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  • (verified owner)

    brian nakonechny (verified owner)

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    Simple simple install, worked first time 20 minute install. No hood pin to connect, no brake wire to connect, just ran negative light wire to parking lights, plug and play,,again stupid simple. Neighbor loves the smart starter. Best customer service!! Mike ROCKS!

  • (verified owner)

    John C. (verified owner)

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    2007 Chevy Tahoe 4WD Flex Fuel/OL-RS-GM10. Remove the interior fuse box plastic cover, two Phillips head screws for the knee bolster plastic, one 10mm bolt and slide out the e-brake handle, pop the lower half off of the ignition cover, and you can now access the two connectors which you need to ‘tee’ into. Release the PK3 connector on the corner with the small tab, then behind that release the ignition wires by popping the red locking ring forward. Then ‘tee’ in VS 1 and 2 into the PK3 connector, and the VS 3 and 4 into the ignition connector, finally the other end of the new harness plugs the MS1 and 2 connectors into the box as per the wiring diagram. You are done with the wiring now. Go to the ‘Module Programming’ page, follow the instructions, the LED will go from red to green, in my case only took seconds, turn the key off and you are done. Three presses on the lock button on the key fob, and the Tahoe fired right up, maybe an hours worth of work, most of that dealing with the plastic, which came off pretty easily, just need to pull the knee bolster off with a bit of force, but it is only held in by a few tabs, so no problem. Great support on the phone by Mike. I found that in my kit the labels were reversed between VS 1 and 2, and as well between VS 3 and 4, but you will see that one of the pair is male, and the other is female, so they only ‘tee’ in one way, and when you do connect them, there is a nice satisfying ‘click’ so you know they are secure. I paid the extra twenty bucks and it was nice to have the manual customized in the sense that extraneous info was removed, and as well the phone time and email support that comes with it was well worth it. The cost of the kit in my opinion is extremely affordable to begin with. The factory kit was discontinued by Chevy a few years ago, prior to this review I made in December of 2019, but it was close to 400 bucks installed anyway, so this was a much better deal, and works perfectly, even from a distance without any range extender. The kit comes with a hood pin and a few more wires, but none of them are necessary, just the one black ‘tee’ harness is all you need, and you are ready to rock. Mike is a nice guy, was very patient and helpful, and again, the price was right. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I attach a pic of the PK3 connector on the corner, it has a small tab that needs to be pushed and that harness will come free, and then two pics of the ignition connector showing the red locking clip that has to be loosened up, then the ignition harness will come free.

    Image #1 from John C.
    Image #2 from John C.
    Image #3 from John C.
  • (verified owner)

    robbie SMITH (verified owner)

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    hasnt had a chance to hook it up yet but i believe its a real good product because i spoke with some one that really had knowledge about what i wanted and thank you

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