RS-370 1/4 mile Keyless/Remote Start

  • RS-370 box and tx
  • RS-370 remotes
  • RS-370 box and tx
  • RS-370 remotes


The Excalibur RS-370 offers the latest in remote start and convenience technology. You can even put the status of your... read more
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8 × 5 × 4 in
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The Excalibur RS-370 offers the latest in remote start and convenience technology. You can even put the status of your vehicle in your hand with an optional two-way upgrade kit or simple plug-in smartphone control! Vehicle Learn technology allows the RS-370 to autodetect your vehicle’s unique requirements and reconfigure itself to match perfectly and optimize your remote starter’s performance.

Vehicle Considerations:

  • Most vehicles made after about 2000 are equipped with an immobilizer or “chip key”. These vehicles require an integration module (not included) that will temporarily & securely bypass the immobilizer for remote start purposes. If you’re not sure about your vehicle, please CLICK HERE to message us before purchasing. Thanks!
  • Remote start should only be considered for vehicles with electronic fuel injection


  • Up to 1/4 mile of operating range!
  • 2-way upgradable – just add antenna & 2-way remote at any time
  • Two attractive 4-button transmitters included
  • Window-mount antenna w/ integrated status light and valet/programming button for optimized performance
  • Lock & unlock control
  • Trunk release control
  • Ignition controlled lock/unlock
  • Gas or diesel engine compatible
  • Selectable engine run times
  • On-demand run time extender – restarts engine run time when you’re running late
  • Low voltage automatic start prevents a dead car battery
  • Low & High temp auto start for extreme climates w/ selectable thresholds
  • Alarm ready – add the AU-84TDPB data shock sensor at any time to upgrade to full featured security
  • Automatic & manual transmission compatible
  • Turbo timer – 1, 2, or 3 minute run time!
  • Horn honk output for audible confirmation
  • Flashing light outputs
  • Pit-stop allows you to leave your engine running AND take you keys with you for quick errands!
  • Dual Data ports for databus and immobilizer bypass modules (both support Trilogix & iDatalink protocols). Plug in a module & smartphone control!!
  • All parts are built to the highest quality standards and are backed by a LIMITED LIFETIME warranty.

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2.64 lbs
8 × 5 × 4 in

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  • (verified owner)

    Randy Steitz (verified owner)

    Very good product.

  • (verified owner)

    Domenico (verified owner)

    Remotes are small and easy to carry in the pocket.

  • (verified owner)

    Rob S. (verified owner)

    Nice distance

  • (verified owner)

    Shawn Conner (verified owner)

    Great customer service experience

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