2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL only) 2-way Remote Start/Alarm Plug-in kit


2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL only) 2-way Remote Start/Alarm Plug-in kit with 3000ft of range, shock sensor, siren, and more! read more


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$274.70 $0.10

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This kit includes:
AL-1775-3DB - NEW!
$199.95 $114.95
OL-BLADE-AL64 - doorlock interface + transponder bypass
1 × AU-94TM
AU-46 Tilt Switch
OL-LOADER - OmegaLink USB interface

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We’re proud to offer our NEW JL specific Wrangler kit!

The heart of the system, the AL-1775-3DB, includes BLADE technology which incorporates a docking port on the system module where a cartridge for vehicle integration is inserted. This offers the most advanced integration with vehicle communication networks known as a “data bus”. This can save a tremendous amount of installation time and creates a much cleaner and less intrusive wiring job.

Coupled with Omega’s brand new line of plug-in t-harnesses, you’re insured the highest possible quality installation available in a fraction of the time it would take to hardwire the system.

A custom guide with all connections for YOUR install will be emailed to you upon shipping your order.

IMPORTANT: The cost of this system also includes custom configuration for all inputs/outputs to match your vehicle because there are some variations between years of vehicles and automatic vs. manual transmission. Otherwise, you’ll have to program all necessary features to configure the system yourself. The programming process to match this system with your vehicle is an in-vehicle, 2-step process. So, you’ll receive the OL-LOADER USB cable to program with. If you return the OL-LOADER cable in good working condition within 45 days of ordering, we will issue you a $39.95 refund as a rental fee for the cable. We will email setup instructions, KICKYRIDE specific login information, and return information along with your install guide.

– PC access with Windows 7 (or higher)
– Internet Explorer (or Google Chrome with IE tabs plugin)

AL-1775-3DB Features: 
LINKR-LT1 Smartphone Control Compatible
2-way LED controller included – up to 3000 ft of range!

4 button transmitter included 
Multi-vehicle capability
Low & high temp auto start 
Low voltage auto start 
BLADE cartridge compatible for the best in vehicle integration 
Run time extender 
Run time expiration warning 
Parking timer 
Remote start timer 
Stick shift compatible remote start 
Turbo timer 
Limited lifetime warranty on all components 
Up to 4 aux outputs 
Includes dual zone impact sensor 
Coded override (99 possible combinations) 
Starter Interrupt included 
Mini 2-in-1 Psyren included 
Locks when triggered 
Simultaneous horn honk and siren alert 
ATV / Unauthorized Transmitter AlertTM 


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