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  • Linkr Smartphone Control - USA (no PR)
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USA Smartphone Interface w/ Vehicle Tracking

Compatible with Android Phones (iPhone coming soon)

– Uses the Verizon network for maximum coverage across the USA.
– Lock your doors:
~ Ever left your car wondering if you locked the doors?
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.

– Unlock your doors:
~ Ever lost your keys or lock them in your car?
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.

– Pop your trunk:
~ Access your trunk/hatch with just a tap of the screen.
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.

– Remote start your engine:
~ START AND STOP your engine from virtually anywhere!
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.
    ~ An optional remote start system is required for this feature.

– Locate your vehicle*:
~ Find your vehicle location if it’s stolen!
    ~ Find your vehicle in a large parking lot
    ~ Standard map and satellite views 

– Aux 1 & Aux 2:
~ Extra outputs available for features like sliding doors or power window roll
        up / roll down. Please check with your installing dealer for more details.
    ~ Receive confirmation that the command was successful.


– Receive real-time confirmations for all control functions.
– Receive real-time alerts:
    ~ Be notified when your alarm triggers (requires optional alarm system).

– Compatible with all Excalibur 30-60 series remote starts and all OmegaLink plug-in data start systems.
– Multiple Vehicle Support:
~ Just add vehicles equipped with Linkr to your app.
    ~ Customize the names of your vehicles.

    ~ Supports a virtually unlimited number of vehicles!
    ~ Simply toggle between vehicles within the app.
– Security Fence alerts you if your vehicle moves while parked
– Selectable geo fences with selectable radius
– History log of alert events and locations
– Daily location alert

– Service plans start at as little as $3.08/month for 100 messages (billed annually at $36.95).
– Uprade your service plan at any time.

visit for more information and to download manuals.


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1.5 lbs

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